No Flip Flops on the Subway!

So funny story…but first a bit of back story…I have a thing where I just don’t wear flip flops in the subway. It scheves me out to no end. So I don’t do it…I bring them in my pocketbook or leave them in the office. No matter what I do, I wear sneakers while commuting.

So last night I went to a happy hour for a friend/co-worker who is moving to L.A. I left about quarter to 9. And my work wife told me I should “just try” wearing flip flops on the subway. “You’ll be fine.” she promised. So I was just buzzed enough to listen to her. On my way to the subway I bought myself an ice cream cone from a Mr. Softy truck. Walked down the stairs into the subway to find the train pulling up. So I sped up a bit to catch it. Half a step from the train I slipped on something (probably the ice cream that was melting! This is thanks to the lack of traction my flip flops have) and nearly fell between the train and the platform. Immediately the top of my foot was bruised and swollen. This morning it hurt to put on my sneaker!

And that is why I don’t wear flip flops on the subway.


One thought on “No Flip Flops on the Subway!

  1. Man oh man. That must have sobered you right up! I wear Crocs during the summer but I’m terrified to wear them anywhere near an escalator. My dad told that kids were getting caught in escalators because of their Crocs! Ugh…footwear.

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