Okay so I started writing this on Thursday, August 27th. Just to give you some context…I’ve put dates in the parenthesis below.

Now that I’ve had some time to process my SIL’s pregnancy, I am happy for them. Can’t quite muster excited, but I figure happy is a step up from the shock, anger and sadness that I was dealing with a couple of weeks ago.

The truth of the matter is that I wouldn’t wish infertility treatments on anyone. No one should have to be treated like a pin cushion. No one should have to go to such emotional and exhausting extremes to have a biological child. Before I knew that she was pregnant I hoped with all my might that they wouldn’t have to suffer through infertility. (My SIL’s brother and his wife also needed fertility treatments to have their children.). So I guess I got that hope.

It was once I had remembered I didn’t want this for them that I was able to let go of the anger and work towards happy.

As for me…I went back to the RE to talk about another round of IVF. (Yep I went in reaction to my brother’s news…but we were thinking about it anyway.) We reviewed the last cycle and decided that we would try the same protocol the second time around. They took some bloodwork to see if I had ovulated or if I could start BCP right away.

The nurse called the next day with the news that I would have to wait for a period. She also said I’d I didn’t have my period by Wednesday of the next week (Wednesday, August 26th) I should come back in for more bloodwork. With that information I made the assumption that I HAD already ovulated. Not so much. I was, as the bloodwork I took a week later (Thursday, August 27th) told me, just about to ovulate. Frankly I’m a bit peeved the nurse last week wasn’t more specific but I was fully ready to go through a second round of IVF so I was able to let it go fairly quickly.

So now…we wait.


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