Well…I Won’t Be Bored…

It has been a hectic few weeks to say the least.

Since finding out my brother and my SIL were going to have a baby, NewsBoy and I have spent just about every waking moment getting our house ready to be on the market. I’m thrilled to report that we are finally on the market as of Sunday! So we have that and house hunting on our “To Do” list.

Of course, in my life, when it rains it pours. We not only got our house on the market Sunday but AF showed up. I dutifully called the RE’s office to report Day 1, of course it being late afternoon on a Sunday I had to leave a message with the service. With in half an hour my favorite nurse Margaret called me back. She ran through dates and instructions with me. I was to start BCP’s today and add Lupron on September 22nd. My last BCP will be September 28th. I’m to go in for bloodwork and an ultrasound on October 1st to see when Stims can start.

So IVF Round 2 is a go!

Oh…and did I mention that my busiest time at work starts on September 28th and goes until the first week in December? Yea…well it does.

So just to recap for those of you playing at home…currently I am trying to sell my home, trying to find a home to buy, insanely busy at work through early December AND gearing up for my 2nd round of IVF treatments.

That should keep me busy for a while. Don’tcha think?


2 thoughts on “Well…I Won’t Be Bored…

  1. I’m right there with you….when we were getting ready to do our IVF we were getting the house on the market and looking for a house, too. It was actually kind of good to be so busy because it made the time go by faster and I had more to think about than what my ovaries were doing. You are on the fast track now, girl!

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