Finding the Funny

So last night NewsBoy and I were talking as we were getting into bed. We were talking about the progesterone injections we are now doing every morning. NewsBoy says to me: “You know when I took sex ed in school there was no mention of needles. I think we might be doing it wrong.”

I was immediately hysterical. I laughed so hard I was near tears. And I felt lighter then I have in weeks.

Just goes to show you…marrying a man who can make you laugh is just as important as all those other things Mom told you to look for…


One thought on “Finding the Funny

  1. LMAO….hey not only did you marry a man who can make YOU laugh but you married a man who can make ME laugh!!

    I agree about marrying someone who can make you laugh. If there is laughter the bad times don’t seem to be as bad.

    A sense of humour can be the sexiest thing around if it’s administered and used properly 😉

    Glad to hear you laughing!!

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