The Waiting Game

I am SO not good at this. Especially after a night of not really sleeping. I hate waiting. But when you add in exhaustion and hormonal well there really is nothing worse you could do to me right now. (Okay so I’m 100% sure that is over-dramatic but bear with me…I’m having a rough time. Although I do have one co-worker who is trying to push me to the limit.)

I think part of me knows that this round didn’t work. I said as much to NewsBoy this morning. He answered simply “Then we try again.”

But in this moment I’m not sure I can do this again.

So we’ll wait…and hope…and I’ll try not to cry at my desk.


One thought on “The Waiting Game

  1. I think the waiting really is the worst part. I’m sure it feels good to know that NewsGuy is ready to move on. It’s not the same for them, but it’s still hard for them. They like to “fix” things and make us better and protect us. They can’t protect us from or fix our bodies and I think it takes a toll on them in a totally different kind of way. Hang in there, my dear. I think you are holding up really well.

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