Okay…so it’s CD 39. I figure I’m on an in between cycle (Next IVF isn’t until 2010) so no big deal. But since it’s CD 39 I figured I should POAS so I could call the RE and tell them it’s CD 39, AF is no where in sight and I wasn’t pregnant.

Ummm…well I POAS and the stick says that it’s a BFP.

WAIT! WHAT? SERIOUSLY? No…that can’t be…I mean I don’t ovulate on my own…it’s impossible. Right?

So I called NewsBoy. I was shaking…I could barely hold the phone.

“Baby?” I said going a mile a minute “Ummm so I peed on a stick this morning so I could call the RE and tell them that I peed on a stick and wasn’t pregnant, but the stick says I’m pregnant.”

NewsBoy: “What!”

Me: “Umm yea…the stick thinks I’m pregnant.”

NewsBoy: “Well call someone!”

Me: “I did….I called you…I don’t know what to think…what to do.”

NewsBoy “Go call the doc.”

Me: “Okay.” and I hung up on him! (Poor man takes more abuse then anyone should.)

So I called the RE’s office…now at this point I have a relationship with most of the nurses and support staff. After a year of treatments they all know me and what I’ve been through. So when I got through to Patty I sped through the same thing I told DH. “Oh congratulations!” she squealed. After telling her I was freaking out a bit she tracked down a nurse to find out what I should do. While on hold I paced so fast I made myself dizzy…all in about two minutes.

She talked to Margaret…who even though she was with a patient said congratulations and come in tomorrow for blood work. Patty said she was going to transfer me to the voice mail so someone will call me. So I repeated my story for the third time to the answering machine. I hung up the phone and immediately started crying. I fell to my knees and begged “Please let this be real! Please!” I think I did that for a good 10 minutes.

So I go tomorrow for what I guess is a beta…

BUT…can I tell you how much I’ve drank in the past 2 weeks alone!? Not to mention I’ve been drinking semi-caffeinated coffee. PLUS I don’t think I’ve taken a pre-natal vitamin since we moved 3 weeks ago!



3 thoughts on “Wait…What!?

  1. Holy cow! I’ve been so wrapped up in getting ready to move and moving that I totally missed this….I’m getting caught up right now! Congrats are in order but I will save all of that for when I read all of your posts! I’m very excited for you!

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