Poking & Prodding

So I went for some poking and prodding this morning. I just got the blood work results…but I’ll get to that in a moment.

The ultrasound…the doctor checked to make sure that the embryo wasn’t in either tube or “anywhere it isn’t supposed to be.” And it wasn’t. It was exactly where it is supposed to be. He showed me and NewsBoy a tiny sac and measured it.

I actually asked if I was really pregnant.

He said yes. I started crying.

I am at the same time scared, nervous, hesitant, excited, happy, shocked and about a million other things.

But about that 2nd Beta level. It was 3600. Not the doubling that they were hoping for but when combined with the estrogen and progesterone levels (both of which were “very good”…progesterone even went up.) and the ultrasound my doctor was “very happy” and not concerned at all.

You know I had to ask though right?

“Since the beta didn’t double does that mean I need to worry?” I asked.

She told me again that the doctor wasn’t worried and I could be cautiously optimistic at this point. (I hate that phrase. See here to find out why.) But she went on to say that they aren’t worried so I shouldn’t be. They will tell me when and if I need to worry. So hearing that made me feel a bit better. They want me back next Thursday for my 3rd beta and another ultrasound. (OMG! Can I make it that far without freaking out!?)

But my overwhelming emotion right now is just scared.


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