So Sorry

HI friends. I have been neglectful of my blog the last week. Between finishing my job (yep I’m unemployed!) and the holiday…well sitting at the computer hasn’t happened.

But here are the down and dirty details. The spotting was “nothing to be concerned about”. I went to the RE for poking and prodding last Tuesday the 22nd. I measured 6 weeks 5 days and heard the heartbeat. Amazing just doesn’t cover it.

Fast Forward…I survived the holiday with my in laws. It turns out that being in my condition gets me pretty much anything I want from them. This is new…and interesting.

Had my first OB appointment on Monday. They took an obscene amount of blood. I went back on Tuesday for my first ultrasound. I measured 8 week! Apparently time in my uterus moves faster then on the outside. But things look great.

I’m beginning to believe.

For now though I have to run…have to meet some of NewsBoy’s family for lunch.

I’ll be back soon! Thanks for continuing to check in!


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