16 Weeks and Alls Well

I’m so sorry that I’ve been missing from Cyberspace…

I am unemployed. (Pretty sure I’ve mentioned that.) So I’m trying really hard to not sit at the computer all day every day. This clearly has cut into my blogging.

I hope to give myself the time later this week to actually write a proper post, but for now here’s what’s been going on since I last posted.

I spent the majority of January feeling like absolute crap due to various levels of morning sickness. In the process I lost SEVEN POUNDS. Who knew being pregnant would be a good diet? (Kidding!)

By week 14 I finally was feeling better but still didn’t have much of an appetite or much energy…but last week…what a difference!

I am finally feeling good and getting things done around our new house and am getting out with friends more. At this point the world seems to know that I’m expecting. All in all things are just good pregnancy wise. I go back to the OB in two weeks and will schedule the 20 week ultrasound then to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl.

So even though I’m having a very hard time with unemployment (that’s another post in and of itself) things are very good. 🙂


3 thoughts on “16 Weeks and Alls Well

  1. So glad to hear that everything is ok…I was worried. I can’t wait for the big reveal! I’m officially moving you over to my “other” folder in my reader! Yay!

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