The View

Did anyone else catch today’s episode of The View? (You can watch full episodes here ) The entire show was about Infertility. I missed the first 15 minutes or so but what I did see was very well done.



One thought on “The View

  1. I recorded it and watched it last night. Oddly, the entire time I felt uncomfortable. I’m not sure why. It just felt weird to be listening to this information on TV rather than in an on-line forum… I think I was afraid that someone was going to “find out” about me? I have no idea.

    Anyway, I thought it was well done and was glad that they shared the information. As for the reality TV stars who were on there…I wanted to hold her down and shove food in her mouth. So did the hosts, I think. How annoying that she kept trying to make excuses that being on TV meant she couldn’t gain weight — especially since she looks sickly skinny to begin with. I was glad the hosts kept trying to take her to task for it. When she said she didn’t O regularly I thought “well, duh.” Maybe that makes me a nasty unsympathetic person, but if all I needed to do was gain a little weight and it would increase my chances of getting pregnant dramatically, you’d better believe I’d do it.

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