It’s All Good

This morning I went for my monthly OB appointment. I’m 22 weeks and 3 days today. In true NewsGirl fashion, I overslept. The alarm blared for a good fifteen minutes before I heard it. When I finally did hear it I leapt (yes leapt) from my bed and got showered, pretty and dressed in record time. I ran downstairs grabbed my stuff and got in the car.

Somehow I got to the doctor’s office twenty minutes early! For the first time since I started going to this office, I waited for under five minutes before being called in by the nurse. Shocking!

The appointment was uneventful. All is well. The baby’s heart rate was good, even though my Monkey* was moving so much it took a while to get an accurate reading. The doctor smiled as she told me how active the baby was but otherwise she seemed terribly bored with me. We talked about the various questions I had and I was sent on my way with the traditional “see you in a month” good-bye.

I made my next appointment and rushed to get home so I could catch the earlier train into the city. No dice…I would have missed it. (This is mainly because I’m unable to walk as fast as I once could.) So I ate breakfast at home and used my new coffee pot for the first time! My in laws gave me a new coffee pot (to match my new kitchen) for Christmas. At that point coffee was making me sick. So I avoided it for a long time. At my sister in law’s baby shower the smell of coffee was suddenly marvelous. So I tried some…it was as wonderful as I remembered! Lately on the way into work I’ve been picking up a cup as well. (Since I haven’t learned how to use the new coffee pot’s auto brew function yet!) But I spent some time with my new coffee pot this morning. We got acquainted. And the coffee pot rewarded me with an amazing cup of coffee.

So all in all it was a good morning.

While I was eating I IM’d with NewsBoy and filled him in on my visit and how our Monkey is doing. He finally said to me “Say it with me, everything is great.” I couldn’t. Still can’t do that. Part of me is still preparing for the other shoe to drop and something to be wrong. I think I just need to accept that I will feel this way until I am holding this baby in my arms. I’ve just been through too much to feel any other way.

And you know what? That’s okay.

*I’m going to need to come up with another nickname for the baby, as I’ve learned that Tori Spelling refers to her child as Monkey…and I can’t have that. But until I do come up with a new nickname I will continue to use Monkey.


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