Time to Write

Since my last post things have been hectic. I’ve started at least a dozen posts in my head…and at least three are saved as drafts waiting to be finished here. Since going back to work NewsBoy and I have been going constantly on the weekend for various activities. So here are some brief updates:

  • My Brother’s son was born on April 9th. Due to a meeting I could not avoid I wasn’t able to meet my new nephew until the next day. The morning he was born was rough for me…It made me realize that I don’t think I will ever get over the pregnancy I lost last July. I will never be okay with the fact that my baby brother gave my parents their first grandchild. But I’m dealing with it…
  • Our general contractor has finished all of our inside house work! YAY!
  • We have painters coming this week to do all of the painting in the house.
  • While there was drama over it…My baby shower is now planned and everything is all set. (You see I’m Jewish…so my Mom and MIL aren’t that thrilled as Jews tend to not have baby showers because they feel it’s bad luck. I never held this with this particular superstition. I won’t deny I have many others…but this one…mainly because of all my Catholic friends who have had baby showers and healthy happy babies…doesn’t hold water for me.)
  • Work has been insane. Normally I have a busy job but it’s manageable because there are 2 people (like my work wife!) in my department. This time due to budget restrictions it’s just me..and now a couple of interns…so I’m doing everything with no one to back me up. It’s taking a toll.  I am okay…but exhausted.
  • I am 29 Weeks and 5 days today. Alls well in my belly. My little Humphrey is moving and growing. I go back to the doctor on Friday for my next check up.

Those are the highlights. I won’t go into the latest drama with my brother because frankly I don’t have the energy or time right now. I have to go eat and get ready to get to my older nephew’s baseball game.

I hope to be able to write more soon…I know that it helps me to maintain my sanity (which at times lately feels like it might just be slipping away. NewsBoy and I have learned that hormonal +tired+unmediated=very bad things. But honestly I’m doing okay.)