Post Shower Report

I had a great time on Saturday. It was so nice to see and visit with everyone.

The only issue…my SIL. She showed up about half an hour to 45 minutes late…with my nephew. That’s right. She brought the baby, without a word to me or my mother. Not only did she bring the baby…but when she finally got there she made a bee line for my family where the baby was promptly passed around and cooed over. After she and my nephew worked their way around the room, about 20 minutes after they arrived, she finally greeted me.

I got to hold him…for about five minutes before he was scooped out of my arms to be given to another family member.

I was livid.


3 thoughts on “Post Shower Report

  1. I’m glad your shower went well, your SIL is an ass…..and if she was MY SIL I would have slapped her….or at least thought horrible thoughts about her.

    Big hugs

  2. Ugh…why are some people so self absorbed that they can’t see straight? It’s completely insensitive to bring a baby to a shower and “steal” the thunder of the guest of honor. Sorry she did that and that you had to deal with it. I hope the rest of your shower went well and that your guests still had fun being excited for you and your pregnancy.

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