What’s in a Name?

We still don’t have an outside name for Humphrey. We keep circling around the same two names, but honestly I don’t love either of them. And while I’m sure we will end up using one of those two names, I will never love them. Other than Sam (which is completely and totally off the table – in fact thanks to Dad’s meddling I’m not sure I even want to name my child after anyone) all the names I really like are either people in our lives or NewsBoy doesn’t like them.

So since I’m not sure what we will name this child, I thought I’d ask you…what are your favorite boy and girl names?


6 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Some of my favorite names:

    Girl: Lindsay, Alison, Rebecca, Michelle

    Boy: Aaron (what we have chosen), Matthew, Ethan, Nathan. My DH also liked traditional names like Michael and Jason.

    Wishing you the best with deciding on your little one’s name! I can not wait to hear what you have chosen = )

  2. I have many boy names that I like…mason, connor, carson, kevin, eli, griffin. Of course, I can’t put the name I have chosen out there because I still believe that I might one day be able to use it. πŸ™‚ Girl names are harder for me. When I was 10 I picked Kayla for my favorite girl name but then as an adult it seemed like everyone (including my ex-sil) chose it for their child so now it’s not really my favorite. Here are some that I like, not necessarily love…emma, sophia, kendal (spelled several diff ways), trinity, liberty, abigail (not abby), delaney. I have a name picked out for a girl that is a mixture of my grandmother’s name and DH’s mother’s name. Maybe you can try that formula and come up with something. The name game is very tough because your child will live with that name forever. It’s a lot of pressure for sure.

  3. Our boy names were Frank (for my grandfather) and Daniel, which is what we’re naming the baby. Our girl names were Samantha (we picked it 5 years ago when we started trying) but it has become too popular, and I know it doesn’t help you anyway. Our other girl names were Aubrey and Katherine.

  4. Names can be tricky – but I’m a firm believer in naming the name that you like best, even if you have a friend/family member/other babies in your life with them!

    We like Henry (which we chose), James, and Simon for boy names πŸ™‚

    It’s a bummer for now if you don’t love the name you’re leaning towards – but I bet once little guy gets here – it’ll seem like the perfect name and you’ll love it even more!

  5. Random blog click brought me here…

    Favourite names:

    Graham Russell
    Julianne Eveline

    They are now 15 & 13…. and we call the boy “Grammy”, or “JimmyDean”, and the girl gets the name “Fussy or Pippy”… just because.

    I had never heard of the name Julianne before… it was a mixture of former people…

    happy letter re-arrranging!

  6. I dunno NewsGirl, I kinda like Humphrey πŸ™‚

    The names I like best are actually on the top 5 list of most popular baby names, so I won’t recommend them.

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